The broad and diversified offer was adapted for the Customer even the most requiring expectations. Cardboard packages have different dimensions, shapes, colours - everything depends on needs of customers. We are putting performances, the fast realization of orders and the friendly cooperation based on the mutual respect and the confidence to the best quality.

Simple possibility of the recycling, causes, from the container cardboard without a doubt are the most eco-friendly packages. Applied materials for the production are environmentally friendly.

We produce a full assortment of blanking die and flap packages made of corrugated and solis cardboard.


Cartons made of corrucated grey; one- and two-sides white cardboard, of 3,5 layers:


- flap and blanking die

- with an automatically folding bottom (cross-shaped)

- trays glued in 4 and 6 pints

- with flekso and offset printing

- laminated packages with UV lacquer

- two-layer paper, wave E or B with printing or without printing

- grained, grey waste paper

- stands

- displays


We are using the following methods of the press:


- flexographic - the method consists on direct printing on cardboard

- offset - the offset printing is to ensuring the best quality of the printing. The method consists on direct printing on paper and then laminated with the cardboard

- preprint - he consists in putting flekso printed paper directly to the wave of cardboard as the outside layer, during the production of cardboard. This method allows to compare the quality of the print with the offset print.